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The total number of drug overdose deaths increased sharply, from 315 in 2018 to 393 in 2019. This 25% increase resulted in 78 more drug overdose deaths in 2019 compared to 2018.

-This uptrend was driven by a substantial increase in deaths involving heroin (97%) and synthetic opioids such a illicit fentanyl (82$).

- Drug overdose deaths due to multiple drug use continued to spike as well, increasing by 39%. In 2019, polysubstance use was recorded in 47.8% of all drug overdoes deaths.

-Deaths involving opioids as a group increased by 38%; the number of deaths involving prescription opioids remained relatively stable with a minor increase of 6% (5 more deaths).

-While synthetic opioids and heroin fueled the spike, there was an increase in deaths involving all major groups of drugs. Deaths involving cocaine increased by 50%; deaths involving benzodiazepines increased by 33%; and deaths involving psychostimulants increased by 30%.

-The overwhelming majority of drug-related fatalities during 2019 occurred among whites (84%); singles (79.1%); and men (63.6%). Most of the deceased individuals (94.4%) did not have a college degree.




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